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All representations created in the mind modify neuronal configurations, and are in their turn modified by them. This type of bond is expressed in the subjectivity of individual perception. As mentioned above, each configuration is established on the former, and, in turn, functions as a basis for the next. The consequence is that each brain produces different configurations, unrepeatable in other individuals, being related to their own and personal relationship with the environment. It is evident that the environment is not the bearer of meanings, but of stimulations that the individual includes within their own life experience. The individual does not see the world as it is, but in the way the brain represents it, and the meaning derives from the interaction of this vision with personal experience. Every living creature lives surrounded by their own needs and the drive to satisfy them, but the presence of others in the world leads us to limit the survival to the possibility of escaping from predators, to win the competition for food and reproduction in solidarity. It is therefore necessary to establish a contact with other individuals, and consequently the ability to communicate what the brain produces, according to a draft ethically significant, because, obviously, economically binding, is needed.
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