Why I Think Machiavelli Was Right in the 1500′s and Why He is More Relevant in 2014!

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His teachings and theories in The Prince were directed more for those in the office of politics, however it is quite easy to translate those same principles to anyone who holds a position of leadership, management or supervision.

Here are my 7 reasons why Mr. Mach is more relevant today than ever!

Before I give you those 7 reasons I want to clarify one area I don’t agree with Mr Machiavelli…

1. Plan for the the worst and take action. Risk can never be eliminated, but it can be contained by those who plan ahead and take appropriate action.

2. The only reliable allies (partners) are those who benefit from your successes. Team up only with those who truly benefit from your victories or your opponent’s defeat.

3. Free time and work time really are all part of the limited amount of time you have at your disposal to succeed at your goals. Do not squander them, not even during periods of rest.

5. Passion is the best motivator. It pays to seek out people who believe passionately in what they do.

Eli Levine’s insight:

I actually did a rewrite of Machiavelli for my book of essays, It Comes Undone.  I came to the conclusion that Machiavelli was talking about the preservation of the State and the individual(s) who represent the state, and also that it was not those who simply ruled over people that mattered, but those who genuinely provided some genuine help and assistance to others throught the use of their power.

Consider that Machiavelli’s idols, the Ferdinand of Aragons or the Caesars never have had the same sway over humanity as the Jesuses or the Buddhas or the Confuciuses or the Mohammads of the world.  The people you should be trying to emulate in action and consequence, if you’re seeking the Machiavellian end of sustained power, are therefore those who served humanity in a genuine and sincere manner and satisfied a need within humanity’s individual and collective mind.  It is those who healed, not those who simply destroyed, who we remember and honor the most strongly in the long run of history.

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