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The presentation of a study of some mental disabilities that prevent us from accepting that a leader that we like, can not lie, exaggerate or mask the reality for propaganda. In the video it is stated that there are mental mechanisms, such as projection and ideologies in which we identify, prevent us from looking critically at the facts. Did you know the styles of propagandistic communication gap and our mind, we can help you look to the campaign with the most critical spirit. As explained in the video there are two types of leaders pernicious: the paranoid, that creates haters, so everything is an enemy, and the narcissist, creating worshipers and surrounds of useful idiots under his command. How to disentangle the utterances of electioneering? Check the sources, the data is important, even more important is to keep in mind narcissism and self-referentiality of many leaders, for example. Renzi today, Berlusconi before.

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novembre: 2014
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