Stirling Behavioural Science Blog : Summary of our fourth ESRC Workshop on Preferences and Personality (21/11/14)

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hanks everybody for attending our fourth ESRC workshop on “Personality and Preferences” in Stirling on Friday November 21st. It was the fourth of our six workshops funded by the ESRC that are taking place in 2014/15. 

We had excellent presentations and interesting discussions with many new ideas emerging from the different economic and psychological perspectives on common topics. Some of the main talking points which arose were:
The importance of the subjective versus the objective.
Average effects versus individual heterogeneity.
The differences between the measurement of economic preference parameters in experimental settings versus the psychological measurement of traits using scales and how both approaches can complement each other.
The external and internal validity of various economic and psychological measures.
Different standards to evaluate the quality of measures in economics and psychology.
The use of personality psychology to explain individual differences in biased decision-making.
The importance of background variables (e.g. social context) on economic preferences.
The malleability of preferences. 
The question why incentivised experiments are considered best practice in economics.
The domain-specificity of preferences.
The psychometrics of economic preferences and economic games. 
The change of preferences and personality over the life course. 
Preference measures in children and adults.
The difference between averages in personality and the distribution of personality.

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