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Last Friday, our CEO (David Halpern) and Managing Director (Owain Service) attended a big OECD conference on the use of behavioural insights in policy. David co-chaired the event, and Owain led a session on mainstreaming behavioural insights in to government institutions.

With delegations flying in from across the globe, it was another illustration of how far things have come since the Behavioural Insights Team was established in 2010. In those days, we were the only unit of our kind. On Friday, alongside Ambassadors from all OECD states, there were representatives from newly established teams or networks in the US, Germany, Israel, the Netherlands, Denmark, and New Zealand, and many others interested in how they might take ideas being used by these teams to apply to their own policy areas. And alongside national governments, there is growing interest from international organisations. The European Commission has set up a new unit, the World Bank recently published its World Development Report on the use of behavioural science, and the OECD (through this seminar and subsequent events) is looking at how it can play a coordinating role across the developed world and apply some of the findings from behavioural economics to its own work around markets and economies.

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