Brief introduction to cognitive psychology applied to investigation and forensics by Paola Giannetakis 

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Behavior is the result of complexes mental processes that take place within our brain and it is clear that for the most we are not aware of such processes taking place, this implies a series of important considerations. The effects of these processes may produce a concrete impact on decisional processes that can influence dramatically the proceedings especially in high demand tasks and in specific professions. For example, we tend to believe to have control over the way we perceive the reality, we tend to overestimate the capability of memorizations of information. I will try to explain briefly a series of processes to highlight the limitation of human brain. We store information in our memory, what is working memory? Working memory is a cognitive system that maintains and elaborates information; it processes simultaneously both the incoming information and the retrieval of information. According to Baddeley, the working memory manipulates the information through three components: the phonological loop, the central executive and the visuospatial sketchpad. The visuospatial sketchpad (VS) holds visual and spatial information, this means that for example, the VS retains the information of how a word is written and where is spatially located but also is the place in which are retained and manipulated visual images. According to Shepard and Mezler, their experiment of comparing objects demonstrates how the VS is involved in the process of visual imagery; they presented four objects and asked to subjects to indicate whether these objects were the same or different objects, the subjects recognized the objects as being the same but rotated, this answer occurred in few second and they used the mental rotation function that is a function located within the visuospatial sketchpad’s function. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/brief-introduction-cognitive-psychology-applied-paola-giannetakis

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