Call for Authors: Perspectives on Behavioral Economics and the Economics of BehaviorDear 

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Dear Behavioral Economics group members I’m pleased to announce that Elsevier is launching a new book series, ‘Perspectives on Behavioral Economics and the Economics of Behavior’, led by Editor-in-Chief Morris Altman. This series will be a platform for the dissemination and development of frontier research in behavioral economics, emphasizing empirical application, institutional and social context, empirically informed models, and multi-disciplinary perspectives. It aims to encourage and disseminate exemplary interdisciplinary research which demonstrates how economic and socio-economic behavior emerges from psychological, institutional, and social antecedents, and goes on to influence the real-world economy. Focusing particularly on modern problems and emergent research in behavioral economics, the series covers institutional design, governance, nudging, market inefficiencies, heuristics and decision-making, preference formation, framing, causality versus correlation in model building, loss aversion, herding, emotions and decision-making, as well as the importance of trust, altruism, and fairness in decision-making. It takes account of traditional economic models but seeks to advance the field by integrating perspectives from other fields, including experimental economics, economic psychology, neuroscience, and more broadly from the social sciences, particularly sociology, political science and law. As part of the launch activities for the books series, we are now searching for appropriately qualified researchers and practitioners interested in writing or editing new books on attractive aspects of behavioral research in economics. I’d be delighted to speak with you if you may have an interest in contributing a volume, or would like to know more. Please just reply privately to this message if so. Thanks for your time,

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