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The dust is starting to settle following what must surely be one of the most tumultuous months in British politics. In the wake of the Brexit vote and subsequent Conservative Leadership election, Prime Minister May has just finished putting together her new Ministerial team. What can we learn from the shape of the new Government? And what should we be looking out for in future? Too much blood? The scale of Ministerial sackings was well beyond what had been anticipated. It was not just taking a broom for a clean sweep of the Government, but more a case of scouring Whitehall out with bleach. The Notting Hill set was decimated, with supporters of Cameron, Osborne and Gove all losing jobs, and other, sometime long-serving, Ministers also being culled. In all, nearly 30 Cabinet and junior Ministers lost their jobs – that is around one quarter of the entire payroll vote. The desire for a fresh start was to be expected as a new PM stamps their authority. However, there is also a sense amongst the Tory benches of scores being settled, certainly in the case of Gove and his backers, and the manner in which Osborne departed. With a Commons majority of just 16, time will tell whether so many sackings will mean trouble in future votes. The newly appointed Chief Whip, Gavin Williamson, may have a job on his hands.

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