Chaos of life: I’d be a butterfly who brings rain in the desert, not a storm in a country. (Alessandro Cerboni, 2009)

Who am I

More than 40 years’ experience acquired across a range of demanding roles as strategic planner, programme manager, project manager, architect, designer, consultant, trainer and coach.

I am able to make an outstanding contribution for corporate initiatives in national, international and global organisations and small business to develop their architecture and business management framework with the result that all people, processes and technologies of the organisation collaborate, manage and deliver the corporate strategy at every organisational level.

Drawing the depth and width for my services from developing my expertise through engagement in innovative assignments and advisory positions across business, and IT, strategy and operations, and founded by my academic studies in economics, behavioral economics, management, information management, information science and digital technologies with special emphasis on organisational design, operations research and enterprise architecture, theory of chaos and complex systems.


I work on complexity theory, chaos theory, behavioral economics and I’m trying to raise awareness about its implications.
Business Complexity and Dynamics Framework, Business Architecture, Enterprise Architecture Management, Knowledge Management, Behavioral Economics, Neuroeconomy.
APPROACH: Systems Thinking, Chaos Management, Complex Systems, Modelling and Simulation, Model Governance, Syntony of Strategy, Operations / Business + IT, Behavioral, Holistic Business Management for the Benefit of All Stakeholders.

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Cell. :  +39 335 2616381

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